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Melissa Rockford wears a futuristic skirt suit at the end of the last chapter in Femme Fatale , a Non GC Story .

A skirt suit  is a form of professional wear usually worn by women

For women, the skirt suit or dress suit are both acceptable; a blouse, which can be white or coloured, takes the place of a shirt. Women's suits can also be worn with coloured tops or T-shirts.
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Women's suits come in a larger variety of colours such as darks, pastels, and gem colours.Edit

Women generally do not wear neckties with their suits. Fancy silk scarves that resemble a floppy ascot tie became popular in North America in the 1970s. By the 1980s, women were entering the white-collar workforce in increasing numbers and their dress fashions adopted looks not dissimilar from men's business wear. By the early to mid-1980s, conservatively-tailored skirt suits were the norm, in the same colours and fabrics considered standard in men's suits. These were typically worn with buttoned-up collared blouses, usually white or some pastel in colour. These were frequently accessorised with a version of the bow tie, usually the same fabrics, colours, and patterns as men's neckties and bow ties, but tied in a fuller bow at the collar.
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