Quasi destro

Military designation for the Main Battle Suit issued to the United Stars Naval and Marine Forces.

The official designation for the SII manufactured suit was: MBS Gilgamesh -Mark 5 and it was introduced as standard Main Battle Suit to Navy and Marine Units in 4000 (It replaced the until then used MBS – FAT MAN Series). The hump like “backpack” of the Gilgamesh housing a fully functional ISAH engine (enabling the new suit to be used as “One Being spacecraft”) and three tactical multi-Warhead missiles was the reason it soon was called the “Quasimodo” named after a fictitious character in Classic Terran literature. Quasimodo was a tragical cretin with a deformed body suffering from a hunchback. The Gilgamesh backpack gave humanoid wearers a “hunchback” appearance.

SII trademarked the name after the 7th series in 4020 and the MBS systems manufactured by SII were henceforth called Quasimodo.

The Gilgamesh designation was switched to an alternate Battle Suit system series ( The Advanced Planetary Infantry Combat system) and is primarily used by the United Stars Army.

The latest model of the Quasimodo (as of 5050) is the MBS Quasimodo – Mark 91.8 and comes in seven versions

1.Standard Infantry 2.Scout 3.Space Assault 4.Artillery 5.Engineer 6.EMT 7.Command

All suit models are equipped with TransDim Shields and have Neutronium coated compound intelli-metal armor. All versions are equipped with Auto Docs, SuitBrain-Computronic and Nanite repair systems. The Emergency Medical Technician version is unarmed and the Engineer version carries only very basic weaponry.

The Standard Infantry version weights 9.8 tons and includes a wide variety of offensive and defensive systems including full cloaking and adaptive camouflage.

The scout version is even stealthier as it has additional noise, sensor and all spectrum vision suppression systems.

The Artillery version is arguably the single most powerful weapon system one individual can carry into the battlefield ever devised by any known civilization. It is also the heaviest version with 16.7 tons. It can only be fired in stationary mode.

The Space Assault version has extended range, speed and FTL acceleration.

Quasimodos operate in virtually any known environment and are fully Union Battle Auto Dresser enabled. SII prides itself that there is a configurable Quasimodo for any Union Member Species (capable of serving as a Solider/Marine)

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