Sick bay
A sick bay is a compartment in a ship used for medical purposes — the ship's hospital.

The sick bay will contain the ship's medicine chest which may be divided into separate cabinets such as a refrigerator for medicines which require cold storage and a locked cabinet for controlled substances such as morphine. The sick bay and the medicine chest should be kept locked, with the keys only being available to the medical officer and the ship's master.[1]

The term is also applied ashore by the United States Navy and Marine Corps to treatment clinics on naval stations and Marine bases.

Every Union Ship of Crewsize 20 or more must have a sick bay and every ship over 100 crew size a Med Tech. Over 500 there is a MD. This is mandatory for both military and civilian ships  under Union registration.

The only ships that do not have dedicated Sickbays and no such facility are Hospital Ships where the departments are called Wards

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