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Squirt was created by Herb Bishop in 1938, after experimenting with a similar citrus drink, Citrus Club. He created a new, carbonated drink which required both less fruit juice and less sugar. Bishop declared that it was the "freshest, most exciting taste in the marketplace".[1]

Other sources[who?] claim that Squirt was created by Peter Hodde. This claim is validated by referencing the "Hodde Brothers" inscription on antique Squirt bottles.[citation needed]

The product received its name because the drink was claimed to "squirt" into one's mouth like a freshly squeezed grapefruit.[1]

In 1941, a mascot named "Lil' Squirt" was introduced to the product line's marketing to personify the brand. The mascot proved useful in broadening public awareness of the product. Squirt became a popular soft drink in many parts of the country. In addition to being a well-liked soft drink, Squirt later established itself as a mixer in the 1950s.

Ownership of the Squirt brand has changed hands several times. It is currently property of Dr Pepper Snapple Group.[1]

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