One of the most valuable elements. Almost all known technical civilizations readily accept Zirconium as form of payment and as trade item.

Zirconium is used in Coins, Rods and Cubes a Freeworld monetary unit where Polonium Rad Shield Coins are not available or the Rad Shield technology is not known.

Zirconium ( /zərˈkniəm/ zər-KOH-nee-əm) is a chemical element with the symbol Zr, atomic number 40 and atomic mass of 91.224. The name of zirconium is taken from the mineral zircon, the most important source of zirconium. It is a lustrous, gray-white, strong transition metal that resembles titanium. Zirconium is mainly used as a refractory and opacifier, although minor amounts are used as alloying agent for its strong resistance to corrosion. Zirconium forms a variety of inorganic and organometallic compounds such as zirconium dioxide and zirconocene dichloride, respectively. Five isotopes occur naturally, three of which are stable. Zirconium compounds have no biological role.

250px-Zirconium crystal bar and 1cm3 cube
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