About 3 Million Zulus left Earth during the 2nd Exodus (and maintained their traditional cultural roots). The Seven Planets that are known as “Ilizwe Isishiyagalolunye Zulu” (Nine Worlds of Zulu) settled by Colonists of Africa prospered and became a small but mighty Empire, that refused to join United Earth, but later joined the United Stars

The Zulu People ------

The Zulu (Zulu: amaZulu) are the largest South African ethnic group, with an estimated 10–11 million people living mainly in the province of KwaZulu-Natal. Small numbers also live in Zimbabwe, Zambia and Mozambique. Their language, Zulu, is a Bantu language; more specifically, part of the Nguni subgroup. The Zulu Kingdom played a major role in South African history during the 19th and 20th centuries. Under apartheid, Zulu people were classed as third-class citizens and suffered from state-sanctioned discrimination. They remain today the most numerous ethnic group in South Africa, and now have equal rights along with all other citizens.

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