Shiss Hinterland Region
Shiss Hinterland Region

A vast region extending from Shiss space within M-0 into transgalactic space , outside the actual galaxy.
Officially, the Shiss have never claimed this region, nor is it clearly defined in terms of dimensions or expanse.
However, due to the Unions' great interest regarding Transgalactic space, the Shiss have stepped up their Deep Space Research efforts and established a few bases beyond the established confines of the M-0 galaxy .
Other than matching Union interests and efforts, it has not been lost to the Shiss that there had been attacks and invasions of extra-galactic sources. Such as the Piostla , the Y'All and the "Geisel "[1]

[1] Not yet known to Union science (as of 5040), but known to the Shiss

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