1000 Klick Mark

(Klick – Jargon for Kilometer)

Space ships, torpedoes and other artificial objects that accelerate to reach the Faster than light threshold accelerate at Sub light speeds.

The speed they accelerate with is expressed in kilometers per second /squared.

The FTL-Threshold is: 99.98% the speed of light . (1)

the constant and universal speed at which all electromagnetic radiation travels through a vacuum,

c = 299,792,458 meters per second


Acceleration of a Space ship

A Wolfcraft fighter is capable of accelerating at 800 km/sec2 (800,000 meters/sec2) or in other words able to reach the Trans light barrier in 47 seconds.

The Scorpion Test shuttle – Captain Zezz and Eric test was able to accelerate with more than 1000 km/sec2 and by doing so breaking the “1000 Klick Mark”

No known ship (Narth ships of course excluded) was able to do so.

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