12th Fighter Squadron
The USS Devastator is not just a battleship but a carrier as well. The enormous ship carries 100 Squadrons of Wolfcraft fighters . (*) Each Squadron consists of 5 Wings , and each wing has 4 fighters.

The 12th Squadron of the USS Devastator is under command of Commander Cotton . While Squadrons are usually commanded by a Lieutenant or Lt. Commander, Cotton has declined several offers for other postings. While each of the 2000 fighter pilots aboard the Devastator is among the fleets finest, the 12th and the 4th are considered an Elite unit.

The 12th is known for occasionally picking a Midshipman or two that show promise and talent to receive fighter training. Usually, those Midshipmen then go on to become full-time fighter pilots and are sent to Fighter School after they are commissioned, officers.

Eric Olafson and Har-Hi have been picked because both spend most of their free time in Wolfcraft Simulators and have been noticed. Both excelled in a real engagement against Nul forces during the Nobane –Allegri Incident of 5018 and managed to become Aces.

The 12th Squadron is, like the other Squadrons located on Deck 60.

The Motto of the 12th is: Acta non' 'verba - Action not words

(*) 2000 Fighters – Active. 2000 more in storage, including Gazelle Recon, Mastiff Bombers and Bloodhound Long Range types

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