2089 OTT
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Pre Astro Epoch ends

The Ascent begins

Civilian EventsEdit

Military EventsEdit

  • Third World War Rages. Major land battles between the remnants of NATO and the Chinese – Indian Alliance.
  • China versus India with Russia now allied with China. Taiwan and Japan occupied. Most of the former Arab nations occupied by either Chinese or Indian troops. Pakistan, Turkey and Afghanistan completely wiped out.
  • Africa is completely overrun by anarchy and warring factions.
  • Major land battles rage in Mongolia, Tibet and Eastern Europe.
  • Europe no longer exists as it once did. The collapse of the Euro lead into a European Civil war that is still going on, despite the Chinese and Russians rolling on. The only European Nation that still hangs on is England, but its economy also in shambles and its military drained to its last resources.
  • The US is losing and ready to declare Europe lost.
  • Tehran, Istanbul, Paris and Jerusalem have been nuked and became nuclear waste lands. Millions are displaced. Starvation, disease and death reigns supreme.

WWIII ends

December 2089 marks the only month in Human history where no one dies, no one is sick, and no wars are fought.

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