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The 2nd Year of United Earth

  • To quell the unrests and to regain control and momentum, the Guardian resurects King Arthur and the 12 knights. Even with an “updated” brain and knowledge, King Arthur fails and goes on a Quest to find the Savior. King Arthur and 300 followers become more a freak and sideshow than the expected galvanizing effect.
  • The Guardian then resurrects H1, (An exact clone of Hitler) But the public does not accept this figure of the past. Instead of uniting the people, the first public appearance divides humanity even more, that the Guardian retracts H1 before he could really do anything.[1]
  • The Dictator feels betrayed and is contacted by the secret conclave of Vril still hiding on Earth. The Vril and the Dictator abandon the secret Mountain base and leave Earth.
  • The Guardian resurrects Benjamin Franklin  and Thomas Jefferson and they recommend that United Earth needed to work on a Constitution and a Bill of Rights and involve everyone in the process. That the abolition of Nation states was too fast and too sudden and should be replaced by Regions and a federal frame.
  • Jefferson thinks that large projects and progress will change public mood and delivers the "Road to the Stars" speech. Jefferson manages to galvanize many millions.He recognizes that the changes were simply too much and too fast for all Humans to digest. He calls for a slower pace and taking things in strive. He is elected the new President
  • Tensions between Religion are still high, but the Religious leaders are losing members by the thousands every day. The news of Intergalactic life, the threat of the Xunx slowly sink in.
  • The United Earth Congress convenes and meets on a large ship near the Antarctic.
  • Construction of Arctopolis starts. The foundation of the United Earth Congress Dome is laid.
  • Construction on Space Elevators begin.
  • a brilliant scientist of the former secret agency AXIOM founds a private development lab. The ISAH Labs opens its doors in Austin, Texas.
  • Only one month after ISAH labs open. Dr. Isah demonstrates in public the first Terran built ArtiGrav Device by floating in an Austin Fire Department truck from Austin to New York.
  • Construction on a permanent Moon Base begins.
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