2160, OTT

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The Colonist Ark Stockholm arrives at Planet Nilfeheim on January 5th.[1] It lands the 350 families that later become “The OldClans”.

The dedication plaque is displayed in the high halls hallway of the Halls of Hasvik burg.

The Settlers were part of the Viking Movement and the Church of Odin. Their goal was to create a traditional society without advanced technology and to worship their gods. The Nilfeheim settlers arrived during what would later be called Shortsummer and landed near a still thermal active volcano they named Mount Muspelheim and started the first settlement and named it Hasvik.

Their charismatic leader Leif Erikson was killed in the first year by a Fangsnapper, this and the approaching cold season later to be called Longnight almost doomed the young colony.

Six Arks leave Earth for Planet Peter.

The United Earth Bureau of Colonis Affairs is presented with a prototype of what was termed "Mega Colonist Ark" late in the year

[1] The other two Arks with Viking Movement settlers (Ark Malmö and Ark Copenhagen) would arrive in 2162 because they are still using Hyper Jump Drive.

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