2193‏‎ OTT (additional)
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2193‏‎ (additional info)

Age of the Second Exodus (United Earth )
Colonist Arks: Marco Polo arrived on HD 195019
   Sequester leaves for Gilgumun
                  Brandish leaves for Caledonia
                  Burister  leaves for Caledonia
   Alpine leaves for Caledonia
Ark Windlass declared missing after only two of three Arks arrive at Benidorm Paradise

Ark Sindel declared a full loss after exploding upon reaching Jump Speed

Princess Cleotrix IV‏‎Edit

Princess Cleotrix puts all her energy into the future of a United Earth , Pan Saran , Saran unification. She dies before it happens, but many historians call her to be one of the birth helpers of the United Stars .
Youngest daughter of Queen Nefria XX . (2095 – 2193) dies in 2193

Hairball, story ‎ (← links)Edit

The Colonist ark Marco Polo was still sitting where it had touched down only a month ago. It would however never be able to leave again. The drive section and the core reactor module had been removed and were now the core part of the settlement Green Horizon .
Ten thousand colonists had left Earth in 2191 and arrived on HD 195019 is a star system in the constellation of Delphinus on December 4th, 2193 .

Tee - Notepad txt file Edit

Teegarden's Star ??
no aliases - UAS - Teegarden's Star
Dim red dwarf 11.1 LY from SOL and part of the SOL Core neighborhood .
Upward Sector , M-0 Galaxy , Union System - Former United Earth system.
It was discovered for Earth before the Ascent in 2003 and named after one of the Earth astronomers Bonnard J. Teegarden . It was first physically surveyed by a joint United Earth - Saran expedition after the Ascent around 2119 OTT.  
The dim red dwarf has no planets, no significant dust or asteroid belts.
The system received an automated GalNet repeater station in 2189 OTT and a navigation beacon in 2190 OTT.  
In 2193 , a private company discovered a planetoid orbiting the star. It became know as Teegarden's Boulder and has been developed into a fuel stop,

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