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  • 2195
    Sky Vegas gravo anchored next to Sol Hub and becomes the greatest attraction of the Sol System. It remains the biggest UE construct for many hundred years. It also remains the only City so moved. It has never been done again.
  • Restored Elvis draws a record crowd to Sky Vegas. He dies on stage as he performs his last song. He had left instructions not to be revived.
  • Earth Population drops below Nine Billion.
  • The Oromarls demand that the UE explorers now visit them and show them the wonders of GalNet.
  • An Oromal delegation arrives on Earth to see what it would take to get GalNet for their Kingdom. They also formally open an Embassy.
  • The Ebony Elfin also arrive on Earth to open formal contact by opening their Embassy.
  • While removing traces of a Venezuelan military base abandoned in the days following the events related to the Terran Ascent, plans were located giving the timing of the conquest of the rest of South America.

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