This is the Year the Settlers of Nilfeheim resort to Piracy.

A contact ship from earth arrived to check if the colonists needed any help or support from the United Earth

Popular Toy of Nilfeheim. Depicting a Viking Space Pirate

Colonies Colonist Bureau.

A group of about 160 Nilfeheim Clans under the leadership of Nils Fisken seized the ship, killed its crew and used that ship to raid the Colony on Helgoland, seven light years away.

The raid was tremendously successful. They came back with riches, food, weapons and two more small ships.

The Clans that rejected technology protested to little avail.

Nils Fisken and the clans that supported him frankly gave a hoot about the others and for a period of about 80 years Nilfeheim became synonymous with pirates, terror and raids. At that time Terra fought the war against the Freons and as a new and small civilization on the Galactic stage could not divert any resources to curb Nilfeheim's reign of terror.

The other colonies around lived in fear, and it was them who coined the term Neo Vikings.

After the Freons were defeated and shorly after the Union was founded with the Saran, pan Saran and the Ult.

The new Union fleet had all the resources to restore order and Union battleships had no trouble to destroy the small Pirate fleet and then appeared in Orbit of the cold planet and Nilfeheim was given a choice." Quit all piracy and join the Union. In this case all previous crimes would be pardoned, or remain isolated for ever after the Union had taken everything of value to compensate the victims and executed everyone even remotely associated to the pirate acts.

Nilfeheim accepted and their days of space piracy were over.

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