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  • The President of United Earth, the Queen of Saran and the Pan Saran Emperor are on the yet unnamed planet. They are accompanied by officials of their respective societies and tens of thousands people of Road to Unity activists are also at hand. They are all underneath a force field dome standing on a hastily cleared and paved area. Detachments of all military units are there in their traditional uniforms.
  • At 00:00 hrs on the 1st of June 2220 the new flag of the United Stars is hoisted on a flag pole. The Military Units assembled put on new Uniform jackets:Union Fleet Black, Union Army Green and Union Marines Blue. The new hymn is played. The three heads of states shake hands,
  • then the Queen of Saran delivers a very short note :

This day marks the creation of a new united society of fromerly independent civilizations. United by the common goal to provide personal liberty, undeniable human rights and an environment where every citizen can live free and pursue happiness. A new society nurtured by all our rich histories and cultural diversities and formed by each and everyone of us. This marks the founding of the United Stars of the Galaxy. May this Union of our Societies grow, stay true to its lofty goals and values and fulfill the expectations we all place in this Union!”

  • While the celebrations continue all year, the war against the Freons also continues. It is a hard and fast war. It is a war of extermination. The Freon Empire is already decimated to a shadow of its former self
  • The Kermac watch with hidden horror what it means to go to war against Terrans.
  • The newly formed United Stars is rated TL 6 by the Saresii.

  • The Nilfeheim Pirates return to Nilfeheim to feed the ones left behind, to brag and drink. They use their new skills and new ship to plunder a mining colony and get away with several tons of refined Barium, Gold and Iridium.

Union Member Civilizations

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