The 234th Fleet is one of the newest fleets created. It was deemed necessary both by Fleet Command and the Military Council of the Assembly to place a strong military presence in the Fornax dwarf region after the Y'All Crisis of 5017 . Previously only a Megamon Class Space station and a single destroyer seemed enough, but the strong possibility that a new Y’All invasion might come from that direction made in necessary to create a new Fleet Command base with control over a full fleet ( 5 Battle groups) that is permanently stationed at Fornax Dwarf.

Even though Fornax Dwarf is a small satellite over 80 percent of has not been surveyed and the possibility of Y’All bases or assets in that region is very likley, an additional Explorer Division was attached to the 234th.

The 234th is currently under the Command of Admiral Lor Nuctiv , a veteran of the Attikan Commonwealth fleets (before the Attikan Commonwealth became Union).

The Fleet consists of 5 Battle groups and 100 Explorers. An additional 200 Attikan Battle Ships are currently attached to the 234th as well.

Headquarters of the 234th is the Megamon Class Space station Fornax Hub


The 234th Fleet

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