330Norma - UFR-Region  
within a region also known as Galaxy's Western Edge
M-0 Galaxy - Upward Sector
The region was defined during the Galaxy Mapping Project .
And is spatially defined as a region of 21,746 LY x 500 LY x 10,000 LY
The outer fringe of 330Norma blends into the Trans-Galactic Void .
330Norma borders on 300Ceux   on the Galactic North side and to the Outer-Mid-Fringe on the Galactic South side.
It faces the Perseus Arm of the M-0 Galaxy towards Galactic East and the Transgalactic Void to Galactic West
The Union systems within 330Norma are:

NORMA is connected via Space Bus to Ceux-South .
Space Bus connections to all destinations within 330Norma
The 72nd and  73rd Fleets have their HQ within the 300Ceux region. There is a NAVINT Shiss- Signal Intel on a planet in the Norma-Depot system.
There are no direct connections to a system within M-0. There are no connections to points towards Transgalactic Space.

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