The White Throat Shiss and First Nestling Huxxuzzaz order the complete destruction of a Purple Throat Shiss colony.

The Purple Throats rebelled against their Emperor because they did not want to give up what they had gained after many decades of hard labor and hardship.

The 33rd Colony was orbital bombarded and every living thing on that world died.

The Purple Throat Shiss of the 32 Colonies turned this world into a shrine of remembrance. Union Shiss travel to this world to pay homage. If possible they are also buried there in huge Shiss style cemeteries.

There is a shrine building with records of the dead as well as a museum with artifacts. A small group of shrine keepers tend to these installations and perform rituals and assist visiting Shiss.

Non-Shiss are welcome but must wear Shiss costumes and act respectful.

Space Port and Hotel facilities are available on the planets moon and a shuttle service brings visitors to the planet.

The 33rd Colony is now a Union World.

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