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Augurus was an ancient city and former bishopric in Roman Africa, now a Latin Catholic titular see. Its presumed site is at the ruins of Sidi-Tahar and Sidi-Embarec in Algeria .

Also the name of an Intelligence department within the United Stars military

Established in 3497 OTT, by a Secret Council Vote of the Assembly .
VotTS CHAPTER 04: Crusted Complications  
Chapter excerpt with the year mentioned: 
>>> "Z-Point station ? Isn't that a space station parked a million light-years at the apex point of our galaxy? What do they have to do with our current situation and who is Augurus?"
Like all science officers, when given the chance they loved to share information. "Established in 3497 OTT, by a Secret Council Vote of the Assembly . The Augurus program uses the Z-Point stations to monitor the entire galaxy for hyperjump activity. They also conduct Quasi-Space traffic detection research. In summary, the Augurus group seeks and researches methods to track and locate vehicle and traffic of non-Union civilizations."<<<
CHAPTER 04 Crusted Complicationss

Erica Olafson, Voyages of the Tigershark 04 ‎ (← links)
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