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The Kermac and the Galactic Council of Thrall civilizations  offered a conditional surrender and only because the Shiss and the Nul stirred and it was feared they would consider an attack of their own and because the Union, in general, was war-weary, a peace conference was called for and commenced on the world of the Poho the neutral peace lovers. There, after many months of negotiations, the Treaty of the Big Four was signed thus ending the 4th Intergalactic War (Officially the End of the War) Subsequent the Treaty of the Big Four was signed, on October the 6th, 3599

It established Freespace and the first ratification of territories and borderline of all spacefaring societies. It also gave the Systems Arsenal , Lighthouse and Barrow into Union control and Factory to the X101 , all four deep in Kermac space and connected to the rest of the Union territory by narrow corridors of space. ==  Operation Steel Broom ‎==

Operation Steel Broom
During the end of the 4th Intergalactic War just before the end in 3597, Admiral Stahl commenced Operation Steel Broom. It was to end the Kermac threat once and for all. It was intended to sweep all enemies out of Union Territory and roll the Galactic Council up, all the way to Kermac Prime .
Operation Steel Broom is put on hold due to the peace negotiations.

Captain Carla Lychhod ‎Edit

In 3589 she receives command over the USS Nynivee and remains her commanding officer until 3598 .
Until 3597 her service was exemplary and due to the war she and her ship were involved in several battles.
In 3597 the USS Iron Horse on a recon mission into the Lighthouse System , to substantiate X101 intel that the GC prepared for a major counteroffensive.

Palaiotk systemEdit

the Kermac designation for the Arsenal system. It had been an unoccupied, not surveyed system within Kermac space until 3597

Kermac Forces must retreat from the system and hand control to the Union as per the treaty.Kermac retreat begins in 3597

the Big Four Conference Center is established on Planet Summit Peak

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