4843 OTT
01-4843 OTT
Union Time Line
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4843‏‎ OTT

  • The Keel for the passenger ship Danny Houston is laid (Meaning construction is started)
  • The Botnaar apply for Union Membership.
  • The Krubera Cave participants of Operation Deep Sleep are recognized as an individual society and get their own world (Planet) and become known as the Krubera . The Krubera are of course biologically humans. The Krubera become Union Members right away.
  • The Local Group Assessment Project launches its third expedition and it declares  to survey all Dwarf Galaxies associated to the M-0 Galaxy
  • The Term "Union" instead of the official term "United Stars of the Galaxies " becomes a commonly used term now within the Assembly as well. Voices grow to make it the official designation.
  • An Urilliua becomes the Speaker (He is the first Urilliua to hold this office). The office of the president is challenged to be replaced or abolished for the first time.
  • The Klack Princess Ship completes its maiden voyage around the Union,
  • USS Paracelsus completed and delivered
  • Attikan Fast Battleships are delivered to Union Fleets
  • A Megaman Droid regiment is introduced by Mothermachine


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