4928‏‎ OTT
Union Time Line
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4938 4929, Year OTT Union Time Line
  • Wurgus start talks with the Union with the result being them joining.
  • Roy Masters finds Partner.
  • The Explorer UES Zheng He under Captain Ritzh attacked and assumed lost with all hands.
  • Kermac Plot to excavate a Saresii ship from the First Age of Knowledge on Green Hell culminates in a planetary attack of Kermac Forces at System Maxwell.
  • Union President exposed as Kermac Agent as a result of that plot.
  • Assembly votes to limit the Powers of the President even further and makes the Office of the President basically an ornamental office for "Representative Purposes" only.
  • The Assembly votes with the first 100 Percent to 0% vote in Union History to make Admiral Stahl Commander in Chief and change this title into a unique Military Rank . It becomes known as Union Resolution 4928-1 and can be invoked by the Assembly to become active, during times of war or military crisis.
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