Year 4930 OTT

Year 1943 NUT

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Civilian EventsEdit

President of the United Stars revealed as a Kermac spy. This, along with other problems, causes the Assembly to set plans in motion to abolish the Union Government.

Rudbar Rudbyn, Thauran Warden of UFPC 23, found guilty of corruption and of assistance to commit first degree murder by a federal court on Recksnostal Colony. He was hanged in February.

Roy Masters was headed to Sares to attend college. He also started to have nightmare about his parents in a cave like place, dirty and wearing rags and being prisoners. When he is delayed at Humongous, he finds a new group of friends. He also meets a Bellebee Elder who tells him that his parents may be alive, but enslaved.

Military EventsEdit

Assembly Order 17 of 4930 given to the Union Fleet prohibits any Union Fleet Vessel to pass across the established (by treaty) boundaries of Freespace.

Kermac attack on Green Hell and subsequent declaration of war between Union and Kermac (GC).

Kermac attack on Kappa Andromedae  and other systems using Wurgus Sun Bombs. The attacks were foiled when Roy Masters and his friends sounded the alarm, saving 234,405,403,003,50 beings.

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