5055 OTT
Union Time Line
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5055 OTT‏‎ 

Two civilizations were found so far. The very high evolved Sameeh and the similar high developed Karabar . Both civilizations have applied for membership in 5055 OTT.
The USS Tigershark II is the most advanced and unusual vessel in the Union Spatial Navy as of 5055 OTT. Conceived as Project Big-Fish by Admiral McElligot t, authorized by the Secret Intelligence Oversight Committee of the Assembly , over 100 years ago.
The conceptual idea of a follow-up ship to the USS Tigershark was born the moment the original Tigershark was built. However, only around 5039 OTT work on the new ship begun. All Specs are classified

The Big War is on the horizon and the Union prepares to defeat the Kermac and the Galactic Council once and for all.

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