5348 Year Erica becomes a Narth

Erica olafsomn

Erica Olafson

Erica, aka Eric Olafson is one of the most famous heroes of the 52nd and 53rd Century. He grew up on Nilfeheim, joined the United Stars Navy. He eventually became a Star Ship captain. Eric changed his sex after his first Command and became known as Erica Olafson

Eric shared the Huhgavh with a Narth in order to save the Narths life. This event changed his life forever and when he finally retired from the Union Fleet and after living several decades on Nilfeheim he finally moved to Narth Prime and remained there until his corporal existence ended in 5348.

It is believed that Erica has not died but that she is the first corporal being ever to become a Narth and join this little understood society.

(See GC: 5,6,7,8,9,10)