66th Fleet

UPWACOM - Upward Sector
"Cast No Shadow"

Headquarters located on the only planet in tbe Deep Six System (Deep Six HQ )

The 66th is a number fleet by designation  only. It consists of only one Battlegroup
There are only 200 Battleships assigned to the 66th.
The majority of the 66th fleet conists of Special mission Frigates , Cruisers and super-cruisers .

Main missions of the 66th are special warfare and tactics. It also maintains the Special Mission School , where hand selected individuals receive special training.
Graduates often transfer to NAVINT - X Fleet .
The 66th is not a NAVINT division, but works very closely with NAVINT and other Intel and Counter Intelligence agencies and divisions of the Union.
Commandant of the 66th is Admiral Mick Bird . It is classified if this is an actual name or a code designation.
(Shown is a female officer of the 66th and a Special Mission Cruiser ( USS Banshee )
Missions include operative insertion, extraction, demolition etc. 

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