General technical term for Artificial gravitation devices that provide Lift to an object.

AG lifters as small as match heads are used in toys and household items to AG Lifters with a capacity of lifting millions of tons material into space.

Although they can provide and do provide Artificial Gravitation fields in all directions they are generally referred to as lifters.

Flyers, skimmers, floaters, personal flight belts, flight suits, battle suits etc usually have an AG lift unit and a separate turbine or engine for propulsion. Even though graviton manipulation can be used for propulsion (And is even used as ship engines and propulsion by several known species including the Saresii) it requires less energy and can be made compacter that way, Directional Graviton Manipulation for propulsion takes also enormous computronic resources.

Military skimmers, landing tanks and battle suits have both choices available.


Arti Lifer Units a 2000 ton unit and a personal disc flyer

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