You are welcome to use Vrill individuals of course and by the time your ship comes back (if it does) there aren't really any Vrill left in terms of  an individual society,

|The Vrill are “real” Aliens . Not like Klingons or Vulcans.. There are “Ufologists “ and Old German secret societies from long before WWIIwho believe the Vrill exist for real. The entire Nazi UFO mythology with South Pole bases and the very real  Byrd Expedition are part of the “Xeno Activity Cycle” and the Vrill are for the most part Enemies as they are racists. The Theme of Racism stands in direct opposite to the Main theme of GC : Diversity is its true strength. The Vrill are from Atlantis (Earth)( In my stories of course.) I have researched this mythology for a few years now and collected a huge amount of Pseudo science stuff I have incorporated into this Book series.  The Vrilll are responsible for  the Falken Horst Society, the only Human Colony within Union Space that is NOT Union. It is a major story for Hans Neugruber (Eric's Friend)

So again you are welcome to use them , during your time the New Vrillhave joined the Union and openly accepted Union Law....and they do. But old habits are hard to break. I would like the individuals of that society portrayed as “Stereotypical Aryan” … Strength is better than Love, Emotions are for weaklings, Everything for the Fuhrer and the Fatherland. The “New Vrill” in the GC Universe find their real world parallel in Post War Germany...Very industrious and technological en par with the Union. Many of them act as if it is okay to serve with  Spindlar and Ultand such but deep down they are convinced that their old ways are best... I hope that makes sense.

Their Names are very German but very old German.

Their Culture is organized to how they clean their fingernails and Individuals of that Society are not like evolved modern Germans that came from Earth. (like Planet Holstein or Planet Lichthaus etc)

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