Aaron Mendel aka Aaron Mendelsohn ( shortened by himself)

One of the 200 Immortals .

He was the Negotiator and represented United Earth in nearly every high level meeting and diplomatic conference from the Day of the Ascent to the final hours of the Wurgus /Union conference of 4512 . Aaron Mendel is assassinated and becomes the second Guardian-chosen Immortal that dies in this manner. The assassins are killed before interrogations can be conducted, but it is still believed it was the Kermac who were behind the deed.


Aaron Mendel

Aaron Mendel was known for his tremendous patience and his ability to see and feel the needs and motivations of others. He also had a tremendous talent for linguistics and adapting alien gestures and figures of speech.

He was described in many ways as the counterpart to Richard Stahl as he believed that the ultimate solution to any problem could be found in peaceful talk and discussion rather than fighting. He was an outspoken peace activist and was never comfortable with weapons, the military and especially the fleet.

He was the only Immortal that remained in civilian office during the Peace Hawk period [1] that had Stahl in Exile and the other known Immortals either in retirement or hiding.

While the general population believes Aaron was killed by Kermac Assassins, there is a persistent rumor that it was Cherubim who killed the peace-maker.

(First Appearance: “Galactic Chronicles III: The Ascent” . Last Appearance “Galactic Chronicles IV: Roy Masters ”)

[1] Admirial McElligott remained in charge of the Navy.

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