Prince Aawut sixth son of his most honorable King of New Siam


Prince Aawut

Prince Aawut is the sixth Son of the King of New Siam, an 11 Planet Kingdom in the Spinward sector and close to the Thauran Empire.

Even though he is the sixth son, it is widely believed it will be him that succeeds his father on the throne. Aawut is considered highly intelligent. He had studied on Earth and other fine schools and Universities. Aawut currently holds the Chief Diplomatic seat in his society and often speaks for the Kingdom of New Siam at the Assembly, even though he is not its regular representative.

Rumors persist that Aawut is a high leader or member in the secret organization called the Worm.

New Siam and all its planets are Union Members but retain an absolute monarchism.

Aawut is 37 when he attends the Diamond Ball (in 5019). An assassination attempt on his life by what some believe were Thauran Agents almost succeeded, but was foiled by Exa Olafson. (*see GC 11: Olafson’s Odyssey)

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