The USS Seneca , investigating a Wanderer not far from System Barrow, with the mission to determine if the wanderer could be used as a base, discovered what Captain Maria Delmonte and her crew thought was a hidden and abandoned Kermac Laboratory complex.

They found an alien bio-research lab with several dead and two live Y’All warriors in Suspended animation.

Before the Seneca and her crew could complete the investigation they were attacked by a Kermac cruiser and heavily damaged, with most of the crew lost.

Captain Zezz and Eric Olafson, responding to the Seneca’s distress call , destroy the Kermac ship and secured both the lab complex and the Y’All warriors.

The wanderer was named : Fleet research facility 77439 and is managed and examined by Taskforce CLOAK

Abandoned Asteroid base

as it is an original Y’All facility.
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