While there are many Academies in the Galaxy. When someone refers to “The Academy” they usually mean the United Stars of the Galaxy Space Naval Academy, headquartered at Arsenal II

The United Stars of the Galaxy Space navy aka The Fleet has four types of Service avenues:



Technical Specialists

Civilian Contractors

If an individual wishes to become an Officer in the United Stars Navy he , she or it must be a fully registered Citizen and go to any Navy Recruitment center either on GalNet or in person and apply to be entered into the Academy Pre Enlistment Training Program. Or a person simply travels to any of the Academy Entry Processing Points and applies. (Citizen ship is required)


Pre Enlistment Trainee

Usually young beings that want a Fleet Career and have not yet completed Union School or individuals who are in the process of Naturalization.

Academy Applicant

Person that traveled to one of the Academy Entry Points and is tested and evaluated. Tests include Psychological Evaluation, Citizen verification, Physical examination, Biological examination and decontamination, Nanite examkination and decontamination, Cell level scans, Psionic Examination, IQ testing and Character evaluation

Academy Aspirant

Person / Individual that completed the Application process at an Entry point and is on the way to one of the Academies for further testing and examination.

Further tests include secondary molecular scans, detailed psych and character evaluations and aptitude testing.


Person that completed the Aspirant testing phase and is accepted at one of the Union Fleet Academies.

Academy Headquarters are on Arsenal II and currently are under command of Admiral Webb Stokes. There are however many Academy branches all over Union Territory.

In addition to the Academy branches there are Academy Speciality Schools also all over the Union Territory. Such as Fighter School, Command School, Engineering School, Communication School etc.

Specialization schools not only accommodate Cadets but also established officers who wish to change their specialization or increase their education.

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