Academy Aspirant


Any Person arriving at Arsenal Gate (or any of the other Pre Screening Centers) with the inent to join the United Stars Naval Academy becomes an Academy Aspirant. This is is a legal technical term needed. An Aspirant is technically a member of the Armed Forces and thus falls under the Uniform Code of Military justice and not civilian law. It is also technically a rank, even though it has no uniform, no rank insignia and no privileges.

An Aspirant receives pay.

One thousand Credits are paid to every Aspirant at the time of arrival, regardless if the individual is accepted or not.

A person who fails to become an Academy Applicant, automatically becomes a civilian and may keep the 1000 and receives a Space Bus passage to any destination desired.

Aspirants may challenge the decision if not accepted at any Recruitment Office and can re apply once more and at a different Academy branch. A second dismissal makes the decision final.

(Such a person still might try to enter any other branch of the Armed forces as an Officer Candidate or try to be accepted as an enlisted.

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