Extract from the investigation report made by a Saresii team of Psionic Researchers:


The Acute Sense of Danger

Ability claimed by human natives of the planet Green Hell.

It is clearly understood that Psionic Abilities are not able to reach into the future and only an ability that allows an individual to see or perceive events in the future could explain this ability. It is generally believed to be a myth and just local lore. The Green Hell Gene pool is way too small and Humans are not long enough on this planet to really adapt to this world or have any natural genetic chances anyway. We have spent considerable time on this hellish world and lost two researchers who were highly talented Psionics. To even consider that kids with HPI Index numbers of 50-70 have any supernatural perception is ludicrous anyway. It is the opinion of this team that the sense is just perceived and based on a few lucky incidents.

Extract from the Investigation report of a team of Narth Investigators (seven year later)

It is with great amazement and astonishment that we conclude that human individuals of the seventh Generation of Greenies onward possess awareness based on a high sensitivity to even the most minute changes in the person’s vicinity. It is a combination of all senses including extra sensory perception in a unique sub conscious neural pathway allowing Greenies to react to any dangerous situations so fast; it appears they actually can predict the future.

It is also notable that we detected a higher, yet unexplainable Consciousness that is one with the Planet Green Hell

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