Adam the First1
Adam the First

Immortal - Not part of the 200 - 12,000 Years Old. Adam the First was perhaps the first human from Earth to be abducted by Exo terrestrials.

He was a native of Mesopotamia and son of an Assyrian King. His name was Adamu(*) and he was known to be a formidable warrior with great strength and keen wits. During a military campaign he gave chase to a group of men he thought were part of an enemy army. The men however were observers from the Elohm, (enemies of the Vril)

They stunned him and took him along with the intent of studying him and his species. Adamu managed to escape as the Elohm ship landed and brought a level of intense violence and defiance to the Elohm they had never experienced.

Adamu was recaptured and put into the Slave pens where the Elohm kept a subspecies of their own for menial labor.

Adamu managed to rouse the slaves and lead them into a revolt against the Elohm.

The Elohm were nearly defeated, and only because the One above all, the Godlike leader of the Elohm promised Adamu to take him back to Earth, their defeat was prevented.

Adamu received an implant that renewed his cells and prevented him from aging and he returned to Earth almost 200 years after he was abducted.

With his mind awake to technology and filled with knowledge of a higher civilization and finding all his friends and family long dead, Adamu traveled the world then settled on an island he called Adamus. There he became the father of a secretive society that was more advanced than any other known civilization on Earth at that time.

When he clashed with the Vril that had established an underground colony, his island was destroyed and much of his people killed.

The Guardian became aware of Adamu and gave him the means for revenge.

Adamu captured a Vril space ship with the intent to carry his revenge and war to them and he left Earth.

Adamu was found in suspended animation by Union Archeologists in 4530.

(Note: Adamu’s story is briefly noted in Galactic Chronicles Book 1 and the entire story can soon be read in GC 21: Adam the first.)

(*) Adamu is the original form of the name Adam

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