Ademan Clusen was born on Hardwock on January 5th, 4978. His father, a stable hand, bedded with the Baroness Lamia von Clusen and he was the result. His mother tried to hide that fact and raised Ademan in luxury. Lamia had sent his father to the block on trumped up theft charges and he was beheaded. Ademan never learned the name of his father nor did he ever meet him even as a kid. Ademan never missed his father and believed his mother did right.

When his mother married a rich and influential Nobleman, Ademan was banished from the house as the new Lord of the house did not want the teenage son of a unspeakable night of passion in his house. His mother murdered her new husband and was placed under house arrest in the Clusen Palace.

Ademan left and joined the Fleet. He graduated from the Academy and spend most of his early career as an instructor at various Academy branches.

Lieutenant Ademan Edit

Shortly after he was promoted to Lieutenant, he was transferred to the USS Devastator to first become assistant instructor and then was made Chief Instructor for the Midshipmen that served their 3rd year aboard the Devastator. This was a prestigious post and could have led to an Academy lead position.

However he met Cadet Suppor of a noble Thauran family that could help him to get his mother reinstated and thus guarantee him the title of Baron von Clusen if she were to die. In order to gain Suppors support in this he favored the Cadet and by doing so got involved with the illegal underground organization called the Worm.

Ademan Clusen was charged with numerous crimes, including treason and murder as well as lying to a superior officer and was executed by spacing in the Fall of 5019 by Admiral Stahl himself.

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