The Afonee were a space faring species that reached the peak of its development at about 6,000 years ago.(6h Century BC)

The Afonee were known to the Saresii, the Sarans, and the Wurgus.

The actual location of the Afonee homeworld was lost until 3590. The Afonee developed on the first planet of their home system (1) from a snake-like being.

The Afonee developed to Tech Level 7 and joined two other Civilizations in their region to fight the Glamaan, (a Kermac Thrall species and active member of the Galactic Council) The Glamaan war is remembered as a particular fierce and brutal and was fought for almost 190 years with the result of the Afonee and their allies (the Icos and a civilization remembered only as “Those who were with the Afonee”) perished and disappeared from the Galactic stage. The Glamaan too had suffered tremendously but received support from Kermac sources and rebuilt.

(1) The HS-473948 star system in the Spinward sector was renamed Afonee Home in 3590 after it became apparent it was the home system of that species.

Latest scholar findings and the discovery of archeologic evidence on Quagmire Bog shed new light on the Afonee-Glamaan war. It always was believed the Afonee deployed a terrible Psi Weapon that in the end was the cause of their demise. However, a recovered DNA hatchery on Quagmire Bog was made of Kermac components and the so-called “Psi-Snakes” of Quagmire Bob were a product of Kermac science.

The Afonee were famous for their “Corkscrew shaped ships”.

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