Aft Shield Generators

Aft Shield Generators are those shield generating components allocated to the rear of a ship.

Shield coils

Shield Coils

Union Star ships (and many non Union civilizations) use force fields and shields extensively. While there are many different shield technologies in use; from simple electro-magnetic shields to the incredibly strong and powerful ParaDim shields currently the Pinnacle of Union tech.

All Union ships are schematically divided into six sides (Regardless of their shape)

· Aft (The back end of the ship)

· Bow (front of ship)

· Starboard side (right side of the ship)

· Port side (left side of the ship)

· Top side

· Keel side

Each of those areas has one or more Shield generators and shield projectors. Shields are divided into sectors so shield energy can be fluctuated and moved towards the side needing it most.

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