The Age of Mega Structures is a term used to describe the proliferation of large construction projects begun in 4100 with the start of the Earth Torus project and is ongoing.

These megastructures can be broadly grouped into four classes - Planetary Toruses, Stellar Toruses, Bridges and Other Structures.

Most planetary toruses are internally divided into four types of regions - "nature" consisting of biomes similar to ones that previously existed on the planet; Agriculture; Cities and Heavy Industry.  Not all types of regions are present in every torus, for instance, the Orbi Ring consists almost entirely of habitation and heavy industries.

Like the planetary toruses, the stellar toruses are internally divided into four types of regions - "nature" consisting of a variety of biomes found on Union Planets; Agriculture; Cities and Heavy Industry.

A number of bridges between galaxies have also been initiated.

Lastly, there has been a number of other mega structures proposed and or started since 4100.

  • Arsenal Dyson Sphere[1]
  • The Battle Moon Project of Klackt [2]

[1] Cancelled in 5050 with the fall of the Kermac Government and the Second Galactic Council

[2] The Klackt have dreamt about a new Battle Moon , the two original remaining battle moons were a testament of long past Klack glory and engineering skills. The Queen has announced that Union technology and resources was at a point where a new Battle Moon could be constructed. At first it was conceived as a civilian project (like the ongoing refurbishing and repairs of the two original moons) but then the Assemby suggested to make it a Union Fleet unit as a homage to the Klack. In 5040 construction on the 3rd Battle Moon using the latest Union Mil tech begun in orbit around Klackt.

expected comletion in 5120

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