Ahlquist berg
Ahlquist Berg

Traditional seat of the Ahlquist Clan of Nilfeheim .
The last Clan Chief  of the Ahlquist was caught engaging in an act of Sodomy in 4987 and dismissed from the Council of Chiefs . Nilf refused to accept the Elder’s decision and killed his younger brother, Baromir , and several of his own Clan leaders.
To enforce the will of the Council, a Coalition of Chiefs (eager to get a part of the Ahlquist riches) attacked the Ahlquist Burg, killed most everyone including Free and Low men and threw Nilf from the keep of his own burg.
The burg was destroyed and to this day it has not been rebuilt as there is an ongoing dispute as to who the grounds belong.
Clans associated to the Ahlquists claim it, the clans taking part of the raid claim it. 
Chief among the attacking chiefs were the Olafsons who claim to have been the one doing most of the killing and fighting (A fact that few dispute).

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