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Ak Fectiv
Union Citizen
Born: 4994
Alive in 5100
Species: Attikan
Race: Striped 
Native of: Attika

Union Fleet Officer : specialized in weapons engineering

Personal names did not have the same cultural significance as they have to Terrans for example as Attikans recognize each other primarily by scent and smell. With the development of technological culture names became somewhat more important, there are many thousands of Ak Fectiv.
For administrative and government reasons a sample of scent is kept for ID purposes, Fleet simply adds a personnel number.
Ak Fective, the Attikan Eric meets at the Academy was born on the homeworld of the Attikan Commonwealth , Attika, in 4994 in the Ak region of that world.
He graduated from the Academy and after serving a year aboard a destroyer patrolling the Fornax Dwarf region, he was assigned to the USS Tigershark under Captain Olafson and subsequently served aboard the USS Tigershark for five years, until the last mission of that ship.
Ak Fective eventually reached the rank of Commander and was recommended by Admiral Stahl himself for the big seat of the USS Kilgore

He retired oin 5100 

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