Ak Pure

Personal names did not have the same cultural significance as they have to Terrans for example as Attikans recognize each other primarily by scent and smell. With the development of technological culture names became somewhat more important, there are many thousands of Ak Pure.

For administrative and government reasons a sample of scent is kept for ID purposes. The Fleet simply adds a personnel number.

Ak Pure, the Attikan Eric meets at the was born on the Attikan Colony Golden Savanna in 4998 in the Ak region of that world.

Ak Pure is a dotted fur Attikan and a friend of Eric Olafson . They met in 5017 at the Arsenall II Academy and even their time together was rather brief, they kept in contact. He also was friends with Ak Fectiv a striped Attikan 

Ak Pure switched branches and joined the Marines in 5018 and served with the Marines for 76 years with distinction. Five of these years he served with the Marine contingent aboard the USS Tigershark.

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