Tech Level 6 Agresso Level 7

Association: Galactic Council – Kermac Thrall

Area of Influence – Spinward Quadrant eighteen Star systems

The Akunee are often called the Ugly little Gnomes and it is safe to say that the Akunee are among the least liked civilizations. The Akunee fear that they will be completly eradicated by Union forces if it ever comes to a war. Unknown to the Kermac, the Akunee planned their own evacuation ever since the end of the 3rd Intergalactic war.

The Akunee simply disappeared around 5020. All that remains are ghost cities completely void of any life or anything loose or moveable.

The Akunee have packed and containerized their entire civilization along with a big portion of their flora and fauna, loaded it into a fleet of eight hollowed out asteroids, converted into ships and left.

It is not clear where the Akunee went, but it is believed they left the Galaxy altogether.

It came to a complete surprise to both the Kermac ( Galactic Council) and Union to find an area previously claimed by a vibrant culture empty.

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