Highly intelligent and on the threshold of sentience.

These bioforms were slective bred by the Jooltar as a hunting and fight animal (akin to a hunting dog) but bred to hunt and kill Togar .

Alakarr are terrific trackers. 

They are difficult to control and almost always in an agitated, agressive state. The name Alakarr is a play on the Jooltar words "Ala" and "Kar" which means "Ready" and "Kill" the added "R" is a common Jooltar practice to emphasize the strength of a word and can be translated in "Always Ready to kill" 

After the Jooltar became Union, the practice to breed Alakarr is not prohibited, because the Alakarr are not genetically engineered and selective breeding is not against the law.

However Alakarr are classified a Dangerous Life Form  Class 6 and breeding, trading and owning Alakarr requires a Class 6 licence .

Having packs of Alakarr protect a compound or estate is a status symbol among the Super Rich and the Neo Nobles . Many Thauran houses own large packs.

Licenced Alakarr breeders are exclusive to the Jooltar and must allow regular controls by the Science Corps checking the sentience level of the breeds. Also strict book keeping is required.

Bio InfoEdit

Alakarr are carbon based, NiOx breathers LDLS and are classified as mammals that give birth to litters of 4-5 breedlings. They mature within a standard year and reach their full size after two years.

There are several breeds of which the black Alakarr are the biggest and strongest. Reaching up to 210 cm and 200 kilos weight.

They have a live span of about 15-20 standard years.

The practice of adding cybernetic gear is frowned by the Jooltar and Alakarr purists, but still a common practice. Adding Cyber gear is technically not illegal, but if it increases the lethality of the organism it requires a new licence.

Cyber gear of any kind must be added to the licence and performed by a legal Cyber gear business that reports the enhancements and refuses to do the illegal cyber enhancements. Still every year there are several cases of reported illegal cyber enhancements and resulting incidents and arrests. There are supposedly illegal underground breeders that use genetic tailoring to raise  the traits of Alakarr.

XChange Edit

Bio forms - Life - Alakarr , Black - Adult -   15,000 -20,000 Credits

Bio forms - Life - Alakarr , Black - Young - 8,000 - 10,000 Credits

(Dangerous Bio Haz Licence Class 6 required)

Transport by Union Mail: Postal service approved Stasis Cage required

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