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Alan Forster Town

Alan Forster Town

The largest town on on Pluto has a rich and turbulent history. The town grew out of a water ice mine and a deep space listening post that were the first permanent installations on the little planet. It was the target of a Kermac terror attack as Kermac agents destroyed the transparent dome and by doing so exposing 500,000 Plutons to the deadly temperatures and conditions of the Pluto surface. Pluto was also the only Sol system target that was orbital bombed during the 3rd Intergalactic War, also by Kermac.

Alan Forster Town is named after an ice miner who was the first human dying on Pluto.

The town has grown to over 600,000 inhabitants and it is the center of Pluton culture.

Of all Sol system communities, most are still very Earth and Terra oriented, Plutons and Charrons are different and developed distinctive cultural aspects not found anywhere else in the Sol System and not a copy of an Earth society.

Water ice mining only supplies the local water needs now and has not been the motor of the local economy for almost 2000 years. The economy has shifted to fashion, arts and fashion support industry. Alan Forster Town has become the foremost fashion center of the Sol System, equal to New York City and only second to Paris.

SII Personal Robotics is the largest employer. Almost 20% of all auto dressers are manufactured and designed here.

Imports: Fabrics, leathers, feathers, pelts, luxury good, ultra lux.

Export: Fashion, Fashion boxes, Auto Dressers

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