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Alberta Space Mining‏‎

A former United Earth company with roots in Pre Astro Alberta Canada .
One of the largest mining companies in the known Universe, just behind SII Resources andEnroe Mining , and well ahead of DeNoir .
Unlike other corporations, ASM exclusively conducts mining operations. While the company maintains several large shipyards to maintain, repair and upgrade freighters they do not build their own.

Alberta Space Mining is headquarters on Candiac, planet but has operation centers all over Union space. Over 33 Billion individuals are employed by ASM.
It is also one of the most unknown Mega Corps unless you are in the mining business or work for ASM, there is a good chance you never really heard about it.
ASM is a Union registered a corporation, but 80 percent of its stock is privately held and controlled by Nabur Chinook who is also its current president and CEO.