Alegri System
is a seven planet system in the dividing in the upward sector, but only seventeen light years from the divide to the Coreward Sector . The region is close to [[Nul] space.

No former treaties or discussions between Nul and Union exist that define territories.

Algeri is a GII Spectral Class star- stable post flare with seven planets. None of the planets and moons in the system could even marginally be called garden worlds.

No native life has been found on any of the planets or moons so far.

1) Algeri I is a hot, small planet with a semi liquid surface of molten rock.

2)Deep Shaft is a hot atmosphere less planet with a diameter of 11,100 km. A small settlement of 12,500 is established at its northern pole called Deep Shaft as well. It is a mining colony with a marginal yield Polonium mine as its main employer .Deep Shaft has a Class F space port and is frequented by Space Bus once a month and weekly shuttle traffic to Algeri Fleet Base.

3) Ratts is earmarked for colonization by the Union Colony Management Bureau but so far no one has taken the offer. The planet is hot and dry but has some sub surface water sources and was surveyed to have some mineable resources.

4) Planet IV was named Fleet Base Algeri and was a Size D Base with a small Space port but currently is in the process of being upgraded to a Size B Fleet Base with Space dock facilities. The planet has a sizeable moon that is earmarked to be the System Space Port and construction has begun in 5018.

5) Planet Bommel has only been superficially surveyed and is desert like in character with a thin methane atmosphere. Also earmarked for Colonization and a religious group called Firebrand Preaching has declared it wants to settle there, but has not done so.

6) Big Algeri is a small Gas Giant with 13 moons. Marginally surveyed and Ship-Fuels Inc . the largest operator of scooper refineries and floating cities has begun to install a floating refinery in 5020.

7) Planet VI – named Sehrkalt has been suggested for a Long Range sensor station but no construction activities so far.

The Algeri System was the site of an intense border conflict with Nul Forces engaging Auxiliary Craft of the patrolling Devastator in 5019.

Alegri System

Algeri System


Algeri/ Nobane Quadrant

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