Condition yellow

Condition yellow

Condition Yellow Alert

Alarm Condition Yellow

Yellow alert

Aboard Union Starships there are many states of Alert.

Definition of yellow alert.Edit

 the preliminary stage of alert (as when hostile or unidentified  contacts expected to be encountered 

Condition Red

Highest Alert state. The ship and its crew is in imminent danger. All sections are locked down, all section energy curtains are on.

Everyone is on its post. Damage Control teams are ready to respond

Battle Stations

General Quarters are sounded. Everyone proceeds as fast

as possible to their duty station. All loose items are stowed. Battle shields are activated, Side arms are issued to

everyone. Section locks are shut and locked.

Conditon Yellow

Off duty personnel proceeds to back up stations. Recreation facilities are closed. Battle or Danger expected

Intruder Alert

Unauthorized external forces or beings gain or have gained access to the interior of the ship.

All Green

All alert conditions are resolved or otherwise over. Crew and ship returns to regular duty.

General Quarters may be sounded without Battle stations if the ship attempts a difficult maneuver or action where damage or injuries could occur.

In addition to individual ships there are also Quadrant, Sector, System and Fleet wide Alerts.

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