Alex Enroe

Axel enroe

Alexander Enroe the III

Is the third Alexander and the 58th Enroe to lead the Giga Corporation ENROE Industries.

While the Corporation had a dark history especially during the Clone wars and the Corporate Wars during the early times of United Earth and the beginnings of the United Stars. It has been noted by the public how hard Alex Enroe works to improve the image of the Corporation that bears his name. He is its current CEO and President and also major stock holder.

Alexander introduced the transparent Corporation concept and allows anyone to see what the corporation does. Except for classified technology and military developments everything can openly be accessed by anyone.

He was considered the third richest individual in the Universe (after Rex Schwartz and Sobody the Golden) before he donated 70 percent of his private fortune to the Alex Enroe foundation, making the AEF one of the wealthiest and most active Foundations in the galaxy, supporting such issues as: Advanced Education Stipends to gifted children, the Enroe Orphan Fund and the Enroe Animal Rescue Association. An important part of his social engagement is to assist political refugees from enemy societies such as the Togar, Kermac, Shiss and others with legal assistance and starting capital once their citizenship procedures have been completed.

Alex Enroe was born on Earth, North America Region and that where he maintains his main home. His home away from home is his famous private Yacht “American Spirit”.

Alex Enroe is an excellent sportsman and skilled hand to hand combatant and has bested Togar warriors in one on one battle.

He is the only Human welcome on Togr and he is a personal friend to the Togar Queen.

Through him the Enroe Corporation maintains excellent contacts with the Togar Empire.

Enroe however considers him a stout patriot in all things Union and the sizeable Corporate Battle Security fleet has standing orders to take Union Fleet commands in times of war.

Alex Enroe is also a renowned engineer and genius level inventor.

(Rumors exist that Alex Enroe is the direct sponsor of the Galactic Cowboy and developed the Gear and equipment of this well known, legendary Vigilante)

Axel Enroe is single and currently not married.

(The Star Inquirer claims that he has a lover on Planet Nilfeheim)

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